About Us

The Company

atrix Score Systems, LLC is ready for anything. Our staff collectively has more than 20 years’ experience in regards to credit issues. There isn’t a credit issue that exists that we cannot handle. Our company is based on honesty, moral ethics, and integrity, and we make sure that those qualities are reflected in every client we take on. Our diligence on each file is unquestioned: there is no room for mistakes.

We specialize in assisting individuals. If you are looking to purchase a house, refinance one, or get a second mortgage, credit issues can get in the way. We make sure that there are no surprises in your future. We can also focus on those customers who just need their life back in what we call "Credit Land". Our company has developed proven techniques in handling credit problems and debt negotiations. We have the most competent personnel, and the most effective techniques for solving whatever issues arise.

It’s very common for misinformation to be present on your credit report. If your problem is that of Judgments, Liens, Charge offs, Foreclosures… any kind of credit issue you have, we can help correct this. If you’re downing in student debt, we can help you turn your life around. If the late payments are piling up around you, we can help you rise above them. Whatever is cluttering your credit report, we can clean it up.

There are hundreds of fly-by-night organizations, and nothing is scarier than calling your agency and having no one pick up. Where others have chosen to try to deceive their customers, we strive base our company on honesty and moral ethics. If we say we can do something, we’ll get it done. There’s no monthly fee, you pay for what you receive. You only pay us after we’ve cleaned up your record.

Our Slogan is, “When you walk through the front door of our office, we will do whatever it takes to walk you to the front door of your new home.” We will work hand in hand with you until your goals are met. How can we help you?